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#86 Genesis 6-7 Noah vs Utnapishtam (Utnapishtim)


Utnapishtam was the ancient version of Noah in the Mesopotamian flood myth that was incorporated into Genesis about 2000 years after it was first written. In this episode we compare and contrast the older Mesopotamian and newer Genesis versions of Noah, and look at some of the social reasons for the (slight) differences between them.

The myth of Tai Chi Chuan

Did Tai Chi exist before 1850? In this episode we begin a new series of episodes on this subject by setting the scene and historical background to the mythmaking around the origins of Tai Chi that occurred starting from the middle of the Nineteenth Century in response to social turmoil and unrest exemplified by the Taiping Rebellion and Opium Wars.

The 98th Regiment of Foot at the attack on Chin-Kiang-Foo (Zhenjiang), 21 July 1842, effecting the defeat of the Manchu government. Watercolour by military illustrator Richard Simkin (1840–1926).