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#93 The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz – Day 2 (part 1)

At long last, and now armed with our recent episodes on alchemy, we again pick up the story of Christian Rosenkreutz and the Chymical Wedding. What is Day 2 all about? How does the “Language of the Birds” appear in Day 2? How does it relate to Amsghar? What does Christian make of his newfound escape from the Miasma, and what are the four paths that a shaman can follow? All these and more examined in this new episode.

#41 Rosicrucianism and the Origins of the Vedic Tradition


The Rosicrucianism that developed at the beginning of the Fifteenth Century did not spring into existence from nowhere.
In this episode we jump far back in time to the origins of the Vedic traditions and explore the early origins of the shamanic fire magic movement that eventually gave birth to Rosicrucianism, as well as setting the scene for future episodes on Alexandrian Syncretism, Hermeticism, Hinduism and Yoga.

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