About The Heretics

The Heretics podcast is part of the Woven Energy family and functions as a place for your hosts to reflect on the Miasma and its effects on the human race throughout history. Unlike the Woven Energy podcast there is no ‘call to action’ in Heretics. We’re simply taking a wander through the pages of history and looking at how human beings have come up with different solutions to the various challenges of organising society.

Your hosts on Heretics are Damon Smith and Graham Barlow.

Damon has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years, studying under native Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian teachers. He studied and researched on the ground in both China and Japan, exploring the roots of the martial arts in the esoteric and shamanistic traditions of the Far East, and in 1994 was awarded an MA in East Asian Studies by the University of Leeds. Damon is the editor of both the Western White Tiger I-Ching and the Concordance to Ofudesaki, is the author of the book Xing Yi Bear Eagle, co-hosts the Woven Energy Podcast on Shamanism with Joe Sykora.

Graham is a technology journalist working in Bath, UK. He also has a lifelong interest in martial arts including Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Graham does his best at juggling these diverse martial arts and runs a couple of blogs called The Tai Chi Notebook and The BJJ Notebook.