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#98 The Imposter Phenomenon with Dr Marc Reid

Our special guest this time is Dr. Marc Reid who heads up a world-leading academic research team in the field of Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde, as well as being an in-demand public speaker in several other areas, including safety and the theme of this episode, the so-called Imposter Syndrome. Marc has written a book on the subject of what he prefers to call the Imposter Phenomenon, “You are Not a Fraud: A Scientist’s Guide to the Imposter Phenomenon”. You can find out more about Dr Reid’s work online.

#30 Xing Yi (part 8) – short version

Here’s part 8 of the series, which looks at armour in the Song Dynasty, but also talks about XingYi fighting tactics in relation to armour and how the armour influences the way the art works – stepping, continuous movement, minimal movement, twisting the fist in Tzuann, etc…

There are two versions of part 8, the first is for public consumption, available here:

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We got into some controversial topics at the end of the episode, so the full version is reserved for our Heretics/Woven Energy Patreons ($5 and up):

Here’s some nice Song Dynasty-style armour a Google search turned up

Image Credit: Dragons Armory

Like Damon says, you could show that to a ‘normal’ person and tell them it’s Samurai armour and they would probably believe you 🙂

#25 Ogedei Khan

By unknown / (of the reproduction) National Palace Museum in Taipei – Dschingis Khan und seine Erben (exhibition catalogue), München 2005, p. 304元太宗, Public Domain,

Ogedei was the least well-known of the three Mongol “superkhans”, but actually the one who drove the empire to its greatest scope and extent, the largest land area conquered by anyone, ever. He ushered in a new era of prosperity to the Silk Road and laid the foundation from which Kubilai Khan would later found the Yuan Dynasty in China.

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