What is the Miasma?

On the Heretics podcast we frequently use the word Miasma to describe the cultural baggage that each of us carries around with us, and through which we see the world.

There is no extant English word to describe what we mean, so we’ve we’ve been forced to repurposed a word that has fallen out of common usage.

The word “Miasma” was originally used to describe an obsolete Victorian medical theory that the cause of diseases like Cholera were caused by a noxious form of bad air, also known as “night air”.

The Miasma is hard to explain and penetrates deepy into society. There’s a special episode of the Woven Energy podcast dedicated to explaining what the Miasma is:

Listen to “Episode 33 – The Miasma (A recap on what sits between us, nature and real shamanic technique)” on Spreaker.